Bananaberry Phlogiston
Bananaberry Development Corporation
Bananaberry, Inc.

Bananaberry Phlogiston is the future of phlogiston.   Bananaberry Phlogiston is the leading producer of phlogiston in the continental United States.

Bananaberry Phlogiston Mine, Snurdly, North Dakota.  This mine is not nearly the eyesore its detractors contend that it is. In fact, to its owners and operators, it is quite beautiful.  It provides employment to local residents and fabulous fortunes to those whose ancestors were wise or lucky enough to acquire stock in the corporation when it was cheap.

Besides, Snurdly, North Dakota is pretty much in the middle of nowhere.  If this mine is unsightly, there are few to see it.


The world's largest phlogiston mine is in Snurdly, North Dakota.  Managed successfully by Bananaberry Enterprises since 1871, the Bananaberry Phlogiston mine is the world's leading source of phlogiston.  

Although phlogiston has thousands of industrial uses, the most widely known use is in mood rings.  Phlogiston has the characteristic of being able to detect human emotions.

Phlogiston is also used in many electronic devices.  It is particularly commonly found in devices which are designed to malfunction when the user is most desperate, such as computers and most major office machines.  Large photocopiers and printers are usually equipped with devices that will detect emergency conditions and desperation in the user and will malfunction in cases of urgency.

The modern science of planned obsolescence would be altogether different without phlogiston.